Can I Offer In-Office Biologics to My MS Patients?

Can I Offer In-Office Biologics to My MS Patients?

In recent years, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) treatment has shifted towards in-office infusion therapy.

This shift benefits patients and provides neurologists with a unique opportunity to closely monitor disease progression, enhance treatment adherence, and create a new revenue stream for their practices.

However, the complexities associated with establishing and managing an in-office biologics suite deter many physicians who wish to focus on patient care rather than the administrative tasks related to operating an in-office infusion suite.

That is where a strategic alliance with a biologic management service provider like Altus Biologics becomes essential.

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The Advantages of In-Office Biologic Infusions

In-office infusion therapy has become increasingly prevalent due to its numerous advantages to physicians and patients.

Proximity to patients allows for meticulous monitoring of disease progression, treatment efficacy, and patient adherence. Moreover, this service creates a more convenient and familiar environment for patients, enhancing their overall treatment experience.

Financially, in-office biologic infusions present an opportunity for physicians to establish a new revenue stream for their practices. Patients, in turn, benefit from receiving vital care in a location they are comfortable with, administered by a care team they trust.

Can I Offer In-Office Biologics to My MS Patients?

Why Partner with Altus Biologics

Altus Biologics is at the forefront of in-office biologic therapy delivery, offering comprehensive services that enable physicians to deliver superior patient care.

Here are some key benefits neurologists can experience when partnering with Altus Biologics

Client Services

  • Financial/performance analysis assistance
  • Relationship building and problem resolution
  • Implementation of processes and protocols for new clients

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Complete revenue cycle management for infusions, including billing and accounts receivable follow-up
  • Assistance with drug assistance programs and charitable foundations

Experienced Staffing

  • Our infusion nurses undergo extensive training and practicum
  • Patient advocates inform patients of their benefits and financial responsibility
Can I Offer In-Office Biologics to My MS Patients?

Comprehensive Account Management Services

  • Membership to the National Infusion Center Association (NICA)
  • Credentialing assistance for commercial payors and Medicare
  • Drug acquisition by Altus Biologics with negotiated rebates
  • Onsite biologic/injection nurses and scalable staffing
  • Implementation support with a designated project manager
  • Patient services, including eligibility verification and scheduling
  • Site setup and physical space design

Technology and Reporting

  • Secure access to a “Client Dashboard” for self-service reporting
  • Access to AIMS, Altus Biologics’ proprietary software for order fulfillment and therapy execution

Ready to elevate the quality of care in your practice and offer in-office biologics to your MS patients? Contact Altus Biologics today to learn more about our comprehensive services and how we can partner with you to enhance the treatment experience for your patients.

Elevate your practice and provide unparalleled care with Altus Biologics – because every patient deserves the best. Call today!

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