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    Patient Experience


    We understand your priority as a physician is the wellbeing of your patients, and between the challenges of obtaining prior authorizations, following up on reimbursements, and managing your practice, you probably felt that you didn’t have the time or resources to offer your patients the convenience of an in-office infusion center or administration of biologic treatments.

    Altus Biologics can help you achieve all these goals while improving patient satisfaction. Our unique approach to patient care can enhance your existing physician-patient relationship and make it more convenient for your patients to receive the biologic treatments they require.


    As part of our biologic management services, we will handle the administrative aspects of your physician-patient relationship including:

    • Verifying patient health plan eligibility and benefits investigation
    • Patient scheduling
    • Working with assistance programs to connect eligible patients


    • Improved overall patient experience
    • Convenience of receiving their treatment in a supportive and familiar environment
    • Additional educational resources
    • Personalized treatment

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      We simplify the process of scheduling and treating patients.

      STEP 1

      A member of Altus Biologics’ Patient Advocate team will initiate contact with your patient to explain the process to receive treatment and to answer any patient questions. Our goal is to assure your patients that we are here to assist with every step of the process.

      STEP 2

      Altus Biologics will follow up with the patient to discuss their health plan. A Altus Biologics representative will inform the patient of any authorization requirements, the specifics of their health benefit plan, and any assistance programs that they may be eligible for.

      STEP 3

      It’s now time to schedule an appointment. An Altus Biologics representative will contact the patient to schedule an appointment for their treatment and inform them as to any necessary preparation, and will communicate any special considerations you require. At this time, we will also explain what they can expect during their session.

      STEP 4

      Treatment Day. Your patient is ready to receive their treatment in the comfort of their trusted physician’s office. At your election, the biologic therapy can either be prepared and administered by one of our highly qualified and trained nurses or by one of your clinical staff.


      Altus Biologics offers you the perfect solution to more efficiently operate your practice while exercising more control in your patient’s treatment and compliance. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your specialty practice goals in a simple, cost-effective way.