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    Physician Experience


    Many physicians must divide their time between patient care and managing their practice. This challenge can prevent a physician from further developing their practice to its fullest potential. At Altus Biologics, we believe physicians should have the opportunity to devote more of their time to caring for their patients and less of it completing paperwork to get reimbursed for their services, purchasing supplies, managing inventory, or searching for clinical staff to assist in patient care.

    For this reason, we are the ideal partner for specialty practices to unlock new opportunities. Altus Biologics can allow you to provide the highest quality in-office biologic treatments within your existing practice. We work with you to understand every aspect of your practice and its goals to provide you with comprehensive and innovative solutions to increase efficiency and allow you to dedicate more time to your patient’s needs.


    • Seamlessly integrate in-office biologic treatments in your existing office
    • We handle all administrative aspects related to your biologic therapies
    • You will provide your patients with the highest quality biologic treatments available
    • Experience improved efficiency
    • Expand your practice’s therapy offerings

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      WHAT WE DO

      Our biologic management services can help you improve patient compliance and treatment success. Below are just some of the services you can expect to receive when you partner with us:
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      • Full revenue cycle management that will help you
      • Accurately manage your specialty drug inventory
      • Timely and properly submit therapy claims
      • Benefit from Altus Biologics’ exclusive offerings
      • Identify opportunities to better and more efficiently treat your patients
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      As part of our biologic management services, you can become a member of the National Infusion Center Association (NICA).

      NICA is a leading non-profit patient advocacy organization whose goals include:

      • Making educational content and resources available for patients to better manage their condition
      • Building a collaborative network of health plans, legislators, decision-makers, manufacturers, and biologic providers to find solutions to patient access challenges
      • Advocate for patients’ access to more economical and accessible alternatives to hospital care
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      We employ highly qualified and experienced nurses who undergo rigorous training to work on-site preparing and administering biologic therapies. Your staffing needs become scalable.

      As your practice grows, we will add clinical staff to support your in-office biologic treatments.

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      We can help you navigate the confusing and often overwhelming process of credentialing.

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      When you partner with Altus Biologics, you can be assured of the timely receipt of all ordered biologics. Our talented acquisition team will negotiate and arrange, on your behalf, for the purchase of biologics and associated supplies. You may also qualify for Altus Biologics exclusive biologic offerings.

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      You will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will ensure the proper set up of your new in-office biologic treatment center.

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      You will have the opportunity to expand your practice by offering in-office biologic therapies, which will include the following patient services:

      • Verifying health plan eligibility and benefits verification
      • Patient scheduling
      • Working with assistance programs to connect eligible patients
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      Our team of designers will assist you in selecting: the ideal location within your office, furniture, and entertainment, while being mindful of functionality and aesthetics.

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      Altus Biologics provides its partners with state-of-the-art technology including:

      • AIMS: our proprietary software for inventory management, scheduling, and generating electronic records
      • Secure access to our “Client Dashboard”: A self-service reporting module for critical business metrics


      At Altus Biologics, we understand the critical role you play in the life of your patients and how your practice can be the driving force in establishing improved patient outcomes. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve a more personalized, economic, and convenient way for your patients to receive their biologic treatments.