Going Into 2022 with Your Health in Mind

Going Into 2022 with Your Health in Mind

As the end of 2021 fast approaches, it’s time to look ahead and set new health goals to help you cope and manage your chronic disease. 

Going into 2022 with your health in mind is possible! Altus Biologics brings you practical ways to help make it happen.

Ways to Manage Your Health and Wellbeing

Living with a chronic illness poses significant challenges for you, your family, and close friends. Learning how to manage these challenges will help improve your quality of life and can help enhance your therapy outcomes.

Find a Physician You Are Comfortable With

Staying up to date and thoroughly understanding any treatments, medications, or tests that your doctor may prescribe will allow you to get a broader spectrum of benefits from your healthcare.

However, this requires an open and sincere communication channel between you and your doctor, as you will need to ask difficult yet important questions and work alongside your medical team to improve your disease management.

Plan for Eventual Changes to Your Lifestyle and Home Environment

Many chronic illnesses are progressive, meaning your physical abilities can decrease as the disease progresses. 

Your disease progression will inevitably bring about changes in your lifestyle and your home and work environments. These changes can often result in emotional distress, so planning for them is always a good idea.

Giving yourself ample time to adjust to diet and daily activity changes will go a long way in protecting your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Make Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle a Priority

Managing your chronic condition is part of your new everyday life. Remember, you can control many aspects of your disease progression by making healthy lifestyle choices.

Eat Well

Ask your doctor which foods provide the most nutrients to help you stay healthy and which foods you should avoid as they could trigger symptoms.

Don’t Forget to Move

Over time, some chronic diseases can limit your mobility, and this can be accelerated if you lead a sedentary life. Therefore, regular exercise is needed to help maintain muscle mass, strength and improve flexibility and mobility. Ask your doctor which activities are most beneficial for your condition.

Limit Your Alcohol Intake and Quit Smoking

 Alcohol and smoking can significantly increase your risk of developing other chronic illnesses. So, as we begin the new year, try to assess your relationship with alcohol and tobacco and make healthier choices.

Set Achievable, Short-Term Goals 

As you embark on your chronic disease journey, it’s important to set concrete and obtainable short-term goals. This will help you stay motivated and retain power and control over certain aspects of your disease management.

Make Yourself A Priority 

It’s not selfish to take time to do things you find enjoyable. As you plan your day, week, and month, make sure you reserve time to prioritize your wellbeing. For example, make a date with yourself to watch your favorite movie, or set aside time to enjoy your music collection, paint, read, or meditate.

Develop Meaningful Relationships 

Having a chronic illness should never limit your ability to develop or continue cultivating meaningful relationships. 

If your disease impacts your energy levels, focus on spending time with those who add positivity and provide support rather than wasting your energy tending to people who bring you little joy.

Despite the many challenges of living with a chronic condition, there are ways to manage it. Altus Biologics will continue to work alongside doctors to help make infusion therapy accessible to all.

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