It’s Employee Appreciation Day!

Happy National Employee Appreciation Day to our outstanding staff!

We know how challenging this past year has been in both our personal and work lives. But it is during the tough times that we get to see the real value of the people around us.

Throughout this past year’s healthcare crisis, we were amazed to see you all soar above the challenges. We got to see firsthand how resilient, adaptive, and resourceful you can all be.

Thanks to your efforts, Altus Biologics maintained its level of service through the worst of the pandemic and achieved significant improvements that are sure to bear fruit in the months and years to come.

We recently faced additional challenges when an unprecedented winter storm disrupted our network and organization’s activities.

By our estimations, close to 70% of our workforce experienced interruptions due to the weather. Additionally, more than 50% of our sites had to suspend services either because roads were closed, power was out, or they had water pipe issues.

This disruption means many patients had to postpone their treatments, creating a significant backlog. But once again, you all rose to the challenge and work tirelessly to help patients reschedule their treatment sessions in record time.

We believe every challenge brings with it a silver lining. This storm gave us a chance to give back to our employees who faced personal or family issues related to the winter storm.

Our company extended benefits to our team members dealing with the difficulties caused by the storm without having to cut into their PTO.

Words are never enough to express how proud and grateful we are for all you do to make Altus Biologics the best in the business.

The success of any business relies on the excellence of its people. Your compassion, commitment, resilience, and hard work are the reasons behind Altus Biologics’ success, and we will be forever grateful.

It’s Employee Appreciation Day
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