New Year, New Biologic Management Solutions for Your Specialty Practice

New Year, New Biologic Management Solutions for Your Specialty Practice

As the medical landscape evolves, providing the best patient care options remains a top priority for physicians.

Biologic medications have revolutionized the treatment of various conditions, including IBD, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and allergies.

However, the challenges of managing and administering these therapies can be overwhelming for private practices.

That is where Altus Biologics steps in, offering comprehensive biologic management solutions and fostering partnerships with physicians to facilitate in-office delivery of these life-changing medications.

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Altus Biologics – Simplifying Biologic Management

Altus Biologics is a leading provider of integrated solutions that help streamline the management and administration of biologic medications.

With our deep understanding of private practices’ unique needs and challenges, our team of experts has developed a comprehensive suite of services tailored to simplify the in-office biologic setup and management process.

New Year, New Biologic Management Solutions for Your Specialty Practice

Benefits of Partnering with Altus Biologics


By partnering with Altus Biologics, you can offer in-office biologic therapies to your patients. An in-office infusion suite eliminates your patient’s need to seek treatment at outpatient infusion centers or hospitals, enhancing patient convenience and satisfaction and improving treatment compliance and outcomes.


Altus Biologics leverages advanced technology and proprietary systems to streamline in-office biologic infusion therapy management.

From inventory management and patient scheduling to billing and reimbursement, Altus Biologics ensures that physicians can focus on providing optimal patient care without the burden of administrative tasks.

New Year, New Biologic Management Solutions for Your Specialty Practice

Expert Guidance and Support

Altus Biologics provides ongoing clinical support, reimbursement assistance, and access to a network of experienced healthcare professionals.

With our expert guidance, you and your staff can navigate the complex landscape of biologic therapies, ensuring optimal patient outcomes.

Comprehensive Staffing Solutions

Altus Biologics provides ongoing training to our biologic infusion nurses and physician assistants appointed to manage your in-office infusion suite.

This comprehensive, scalable approach ensures that your staff is never overwhelmed by increased responsibilities and that your patients always receive exceptional care.

New Year, New Biologic Management Solutions for Your Specialty Practice

Full Revenue Cycle Management

Altus Biologics provides complete revenue cycle management to ensure timely reimbursement and maximize revenue.

Our service includes insurance verification, benefits investigation, prior authorization, claims submission, denial management, and appeals.

As a result, you can focus on patient care rather than dealing with the complexities of billing and reimbursement.

How to Partner with Altus Biologics

Partnering with Altus Biologics is a straightforward process that begins with contacting our dedicated physician liaisons.

Our account managers will work closely with you and your staff to understand your unique needs and develop tailored solutions.

Altus Biologics will assist practices in the implementation process, ensuring a seamless transition to in-office biologics.

With the increasing prevalence of biologic therapies, specialty physicians need to embrace innovative solutions that simplify the management and administration of these medications.

Altus Biologics offers a unique opportunity for private practices in gastroenterology, neurology, rheumatology, and allergy and pulmonary fields to partner with a trusted industry leader.

By joining forces, we can enhance patient care, streamline practice operations, and ensure the best outcomes in the rapidly evolving world of biologic medicine.

So, why wait? Partner with Altus Biologics today to bring the benefits of in-office biologic treatment to your patients in 2024 and beyond.

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