Let’s Create a Pandemic of Love

Let’s Create a Pandemic of Love

During these times, evidence of love, compassion, and the resilience of the human spirit can still be found in our communities.

The public health crisis has significantly affected the economy and impacted many families. Although it may not be possible to help everyone, we can start by helping one person or family at a time. That was the thought that inspired Shelly Tygielski, a meditation teacher and community organizer, to establish “Pandemic of Love”, a non-profit organization, back in March.

In a recent interview with Forbes, Tygielski mentioned her motivation stemmed from trying to find an alternative to the fear everyone around her experienced due to COVID-19. She went on to explain that when people are afraid, their fight or flight mode is activated, but as humans, we can change that and instead create a new default mode of empathy and action.

Everyone Can Lend a Helping Hand

Pandemic of Love connects individuals who require help with donors who can offer financial assistance. The temporary financial aid is typically used to pay for groceries, utilities, gasoline, and medications.

In the last three months, the volunteer-run initiative has matched over 132,000 individuals or families in need with caring patrons and facilitated approximately $21 million in direct transactions.

In true pandemic fashion, Pandemic of Love has crossed borders and is now a global initiative with volunteers reaching out every day from different parts of the world to help create local communities.

How Does it Work?

Pandemic of Love is a grassroots movement of individuals helping each other out.

As such, the more than 600 volunteers working for Pandemic of Love focus on pairing patrons with applicants. The financial transactions are then conducted directly between the patron and applicant.

Through the organization’s website, people can complete one of two forms. One form for those individuals who can provide financial aid, while the other is for those seeking assistance. The required information is then used to match the ideal donor for the person requesting help.

Additionally, those who wish to get involved with the volunteer-run effort can do so by emailing Shelly Tygielski through the site.

There is little doubt that the effects of the pandemic have been devastating. However, the darkest times provide greater opportunities for good to emerge. If you want to learn more about Pandemic of Love, please visit their website at www.pandemicoflove.com.


At Altus Infusion, we focus on caring for those in need, and likewise encourage others to find different ways to do the same.

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