In-Office Biologics Can Lead to Better Patient Treatment Outcomes

How Offering In-Office Biologics Can Lead to Better Patient Treatment Outcomes

Physicians are increasingly concerned with chronic disease patient treatment outcomes, especially those administered through infusions.

A primary concern is treatment adherence, which significantly impacts the efficacy of any disease management strategy.

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In-Office Infusions Are the Answer to Better Treatment Outcomes

When it comes to chronic diseases, consistency and quality of care are imperative.

Because of this, many specialty practices are looking to partner with a trusted infusion management company to open an in-office infusion suite within their existing practice.

Having an in-office infusion suite allows you, as the doctor, to treat your patients from the initial consultation throughout the duration of their therapy. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to improve patient experience and manage patient care quality, accuracy, and efficiency.

Infusion Delivery Settings Do Make a Difference

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According to a study from Stanford University, patients who receive their infusion therapy in an in-office setting had a 79% adherence rate, compared to 74% at the hospital and 64% at home. Moreover, patients who received their infusion therapy in a hospital setting or at home were less likely to attend follow-up visits with their specialists than those who received their treatment in an in-office environment.

The higher adherence rate for in-office infusions can partly be explained by the fact that doctors and nurses can closely monitor patients and ensure patients remain consistent with their treatments.

In conclusion, patients who can stay with their physician throughout their disease progression are more likely to foster long-term relationships with their entire care team, increasing communication and building a sense of community that promotes therapy compliance and adherence than those receiving care from multiple providers and healthcare teams.

Benefits of In-Office Infusions

Offering in-office infusion therapy to your patients provides benefits for all parties.

Physician Benefits

For you, as a physician, it also allows you to better monitor disease progression, patient compliance, and treatment efficacy, and make prompt adjustments in the care plan when needed, ultimately serving to avoid severe disease flareups and possible hospitalizations.

Patient Benefits

The big winners when it comes to in-office infusion centers are the chronic disease patients.

Patients can expect to receive more personalized care from a healthcare team they know and trust, reducing wait times and increasing scheduling flexibility.

In-office infusion suites provide a more comfortable, convenient, and safe environment than hospital outpatient infusion centers.

Perhaps one of the best treatment adherence motivators for patients is the cost-effectiveness of in-office infusion centers. Unfortunately, many insurance plans don’t cover at-home health care, and hospital biologic infusions can cost three to five times more than the same infusion administered in-office.

The bottom line is that in-office biologic infusion centers improve medication adherence, increase physician monitoring during infusion sessions, and improve follow-up visits, which translates into better disease management and improved patient treatment outcomes.

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