The Benefits of Offering In-Office Biologics for Your IBD Patients

The landscape of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) management has witnessed a remarkable transformation with the advent of biologic drugs.

Patients who have Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis have experienced improved quality of life, reduced hospital admissions, and minimized side effects from corticosteroids and immunomodulators. This significant shift in treatment efficacy calls for more accessible and patient-centric solutions, and that’s where Altus Biologics comes in.

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How Partnering with Altus Biologics Helps Your Patients

Convenient, Familiar, and Safe Location

One of the primary concerns for patients undergoing biologic therapy is the setting where the infusion occurs. Partnering with Altus Biologics offers the convenience of receiving treatment in a familiar and trusted environment—your existing practice. This reduces patient anxiety and enhances their overall experience.

Flexible and Convenient Appointment Times with Reduced Visiting Time

Altus Biologics is committed to making the patient experience as hassle-free as possible. We help patients schedule appointments at times that suit their daily routines, reducing the need for lengthy and tiring hospital visits, saving time, and making treatment more accessible.

Personalized Care Plan Directly Overseen by You

Offering in-office biologic infusions ensures that patients receive a care plan that is closely monitored and tailored to their needs. This level of personalization can lead to more effective and efficient treatment.

The Benefits of Offering In-Office Biologics for Your IBD Patients

Consistent, Friendly, and Knowledgeable Care Team

Infusion therapy offered at the site of care allows patients to get to know and build relationships with their healthcare team rather than dealing with different providers each time they receive their treatment at a hospital or other outpatient facility.

Having a consistent care team fosters a sense of trust and comfort during your patient’s treatment journey, which is invaluable for patients facing the challenges of IBD.

Assistance in Navigating the Complicated Bureaucracy of Insurance Companies

Navigating the insurance maze can be a frustrating ordeal for IBD patients. Altus Biologics offers support in dealing with insurance companies, validating their benefits and eligibility, and helping patients focus on their health rather than administrative hassles.

The Benefits of Offering In-Office Biologics for Your IBD Patients

The Many Ways Altus Biologics Benefits Your Practice

Maintain Infusion Patient Records

Altus Biologics maintains your patient’s infusion records, allowing you to easily monitor patient compliance and disease progression.

This approach ensures that you have comprehensive and easily accessible patient data at your fingertips.

Improved Doctor-Patient Relationship and Communication

A partnership with Altus Biologics to provide in-office infusion therapy fosters improved communication and a stronger doctor-patient relationship.

With a more hands-on approach to infusion therapy, you can address patient concerns and make timely adjustments that help improve outcomes.

Minimal Workload for Existing Staff

Altus Biologics handles the logistics of in-office infusions by hiring and training skilled infusion nurses and doctor assistants. This ensures existing staff can focus on their core responsibilities without adding workload.

Infusions Closely Monitored by Skilled Infusion Nurses

Patients receiving in-office biologic infusions benefit from skilled, infusion nurses who closely administer and monitor the process. This level of expertise ensures safety and efficiency in treatment.

Improved Monitoring of Treatment Outcomes

Deciding to offer infusion therapy from your existing office allows you to monitor patients and provide timely treatment plan adjustments.

Opportunity to Grow Your Existing Practice

Partnering with Altus Biologics can help your practice expand its services and grow by attracting more patients seeking this convenient option.

Increased Revenue

Expanding the range of services your practice offers to include in-office biologic infusions can increase revenue with minimal investment, making it a sound business decision.

Altus Biologics stands as the perfect partner for any gastroenterology practice that seeks to provide in-office biologic infusions to IBD patients.

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve the lives of your IBD patients and grow your practice simultaneously. Take action today and contact Altus Biologics to start this transformative journey toward better IBD management. Your patients will thank you, and your practice will thrive.

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